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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Product Review: Travel Mug

In completely non-adoption-related news (other than a vague connection - this about a travel product, and adoption involves travel...even though this product likely won't be crossing the ocean with us...but you never know, maybe it will)...we have awesome new travel mugs.

Our sad and sorry collection of free plastic travel mugs from various conferences and promotions has had the biscuit, so to speak. Geoff has been lamenting this, being a morning on-the-way-to-work coffee drinker. And no available-in-stores-everywhere travel mug would do. This mug must make for easy drinking, heat retention, and absolute leak-proof transport. Of course, he saw the dream mug in a two-pack bargain promotion at Costco, but (very much unlike me) decided not to buy them right away. And then they were gone. And he was sad. So I went online (very much LIKE me) and found a Canadian source. So we ordered them last week (figured I might as well get one, too, while we were at it...you know, for all those hypothetical winter adventures), they arrived in about a day (maybe two), and there you have it. And yes, they do seem to live up to their claims - liquid only comes out when you press the button, hold it down, and sip. And you sip right off the edge, rather than from a deep depression in the lid like so many travel mugs force you to do. And they are pretty sleek, stainless on the outside and inside. Plus, they keep your drink warm plenty long. Geoff claims that there was still somewhat warm tea in there after work one afternoon, when the mug had been sitting in the van (below freezing) all day. Not that I would likely want to finish it at that point, but it was worth checking I suppose.

All right, here's the info:

Contigo Autoseal Stainless Steel Tumbler

Our Canadian source (although the US site will ship to Canada...but it would have been a bit more $ and a bit more time):


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Hi... said...

I can personally attest to the wonder of these travel mugs...because I have four of them (two of the Costco sets purchased in fall). I love them - they're the best. My ONLY mild complaint is that they keep things so hot that it takes a while before I can actually drink the beverage...and sometimes that wait feels like forever when I'm dying for a sip. But other than the burning-lip caution, they're awesome!

Yet something else we have in common, my friend!