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Friday, 25 May 2012

It's Been A While...

I am going to cite changes to Blogger as my excuse for not posting recently, okay? Because if I had been trying to post, chances of success would have been slim. Even now, I actually have no idea how I found my way to the "new post" page, and am not sure I will be able to do so again. If I don't re-surface in a few weeks, send a search party.

We have spent the last few weeks in a mad dash to prepare for, experience, and return from two, week-long, back-to-back trips - one which was work-related for me, and leisure-related for everyone else, and the other which was partly leisure, partly foster family visits and a wedding. I am still getting re-acquainted with my own house, and am amazed at how much the leaves and plants filled in while we were gone.

Just quickly (since, you know, I have a few more hours to log for work - my biggest work-from-home challenge), here is a bit about life these days:

  • Baby girl has reached 2, and her current activity is drawing attention to all actions with "Why?" ("Why you peeing, Mom?" "Why you drop that, Mom?" "Why you [insert sound of her imitating a silly sound effect I made for no reason]?)
  • Caye likely needs to be intentionally toilet-trained, since she is starting to insist on wearing underwear, taking off her diaper at times, sitting on the toilet, panicking occasionally when she soils her diaper...but then going anywhere but the toilet when given diaper-free time.
  • Caye can hike a hilly forest trail with the best of us, recently insisting on walking what must have been at least a couple of kilometres (and over 2 hours), on a family outing.
  • Kitch remains altogether sweet, funny, and intense with his episodes of dysregulation. He just recently began saying "I love you, Mom", and does so multiple times daily, along with hugs (all of which Caye copies - today she added a growl - her trademark sound effect - "I love...(with a growl) MOMMY").
  • Yesterday, Kitch was overheard exclaiming, "Zorten!" when something went awry. It was hilarious. Geoff says this, which is an expansion of "Zort!" from Pinky & The Brain (and which my sister used a lot when she lived with us...and it has stuck).
  • As we drove up the hill toward home the other night, after our trip to the kids' hometown and foster families, Kitch exclaimed, "I love home!" He dove right into fun with the foster family during our time in their area, but poured on extra hugs and "I love you"s with us at the same time. He has been a bit volatile since returning home, but I expected that regardless of the nature of the trip, just based on the changes of routine and lack of naps, etc., over the past couple of weeks.
  • Lute, Lute, what do I say about Lute? I have to admit that his self-absorbed boldness, unrestrained activity, and constant requests/orders/bossiness/"curiosity"/etc. get the better of me, and I have a much harder time seeing the fun in him, and feeling really nurturing toward him. He is so focused on acting grown-up and copying adult mannerisms and language (often, of course, used out of context and with great repetition), and I have always had difficulty seeing him as just a little guy, and acting accordingly in response. Lute, however, remains full of zest, and delights in even the smallest things in life. He loves to be a helper, and loves to learn. We were most curious and uncertain of what his response would be to seeing his foster family again (his only family experience before us), and while in some ways I think he could have moved back in with them without missing a beat, as we arrived home, he also showed eagerness to see our pets, and sleep in his bed, and be "home" after our trip, with just a little bit of sadness at bedtime, an echo of his homesickness upon coming to us last summer. He thrives with lots of attention, interesting but productive "jobs" and activities, new experiences, and praise. He was quite proud of himself for having a vaccination without crying, and I must say that is likely an accomplishment for him.
The next couple of weeks will include seeing family from Ottawa, Ohio, and Saskatchewan (pretty much all around at the same time, for different purposes), a new roof on the house, the boys' birthdays, and...our adoption finalization. Things have been so busy, with lots of travel and job decisions (Geoff is hoping to take the rest of his parental leave instead of returning to work in early June, as originally planned), that we haven't really focused much on the adoption finalization, but it lies ahead as the only remaining step in the process. Hopefully after all that, we will be able to slow the pace a bit to enjoy outdoor time at home and the campground.