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Friday, 25 September 2009

A Lull

Ok, so some of you may argue that the past, oh, 15 months or more, have been a lull in our adoption process. This new lull may contain a bit more impatience again, though. The summer space between bankruptcy and proposal acceptance was pretty manageable for us overall - in addition to being distracted by my broken back (ha), we knew roughly when to expect news, and things followed a pretty predictable course. In between, there was really nothing to do, and nothing to expect. Now that the agency will be up and running within a week or so (what a great turnaround time-frame!), any day could bring news of some sort or another. In the proposal, it is clear that the agency will take until February at the latest to review all the countries, and determine which programs are viable for them. However, bits and pieces of news will likely trickle in over the next few months, so I will still be busy checking & checking message boards and email inboxes just in case! Since Monday's restructuring vote, things have been VERY quiet on the forums, which is disappointing, because I keep checking and finding nothing new to read. I think it's particularly hard to adjust to quiet after the frantic pace of messages leading up to the vote - at least the chatter fills the lull and keeps adoption in the forefront of daily life. If the silence keeps up, I may have to start channelling my restless energy into something productive, like crafting all those hand-made Christmas gifts I have visions of producing, and maybe catching up on adoption reading. At least autumn brings with it all kinds of projects and events as we pass through Thanksgiving and Halloween (yay, costume party!), and then dive right into Christmas preparation (a good thing, in my opinion - a whole season of festivity - major celebrations should be more than one day, most definitely). Anyway, that's where things stand. Waiting to see where they end up...

Monday, 21 September 2009

Yes, all 'round!

Good news! We spent the morning in Kitchener, to attend the creditors' meeting where the final vote was held on the agency restructuring. There were 248 votes in favour of restructuring, and 20 against, so looks like things will be up and running in no time. There is a court date next Tuesday (September 29) for official approval, and the hoped-for start date for the agency is October 1. I spoke to a Guelph reporter for 570 News - microphone and everything, so will check later to see if I'm on the air. And a great couple we are getting to know, also with Ghana, did an on-camera interview with CH TV (Niagara, Halton, Hamilton, etc.). So tune in!



Friday, 11 September 2009


We sent in our 'yes' vote to the restructuring proposal today. I appreciate the folks with business and accounting backgrounds who have been posting their assessments of the proposal and cash flow projections, which mean little to me when I look at them. There are definitely differing perspectives, and some concerns about long-term viability, but I have faith in those who have worked to build a sound proposal, and we want to see this agency resurrected! Looking forward to discussion at the creditor's meeting on September 21.

Still don't know if our future as Imagine clients will be with Ethiopia or Ghana, but don't give up on Ghana yet, folks - it can still happen, and barring definitive Ghana program closure or other insurmountable obstacles, that is still what we want to do.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Restructuring Proposal

Well folks, we have a proposal - now, if a majority of Imagine clients vote in favour of it, then the agency will be restructured with the goal of facilitating adoptions for all Imagine clients. You can read it for yourself if you like:


There is a creditor's meeting in regard to the proposal on September 21, and in the meantime, we send in our vote. No news yet regarding Ghana. If, sadly, Ghana cannot continue, one of our options would be to switch to Ethiopia, with our "place" in the program being determined by the date our file was sent off originally. But we're still holding out some hope for Ghana in the absence of a final verdict...