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Friday, 31 December 2010

On The Seventh Day of Christmas...

...there are no swans a'swimming, although there are some good puddles of melting snow for someone/thing to enjoy, after a warm day.

Today we have been cozily tucked indoors, with our lights and music, enjoying new reading material. While I always anticipate multiple long days of quiet leisure activity through the holidays, we always seem hard-pressed to find one or two.

Overall, the week has been fuller than we would like, and has involved illness for a couple of folks, but all in all it has been good.

We hosted extended family on Boxing Day, and enjoyed having my aunt, uncle, and cousins with us for a couple of nights. My parents will continue to stay through the coming weekend.

Geoff is currently playing with his new ukulele (an upgrade from the little beginner model we picked up last winter). I have a great deal more to learn about my new wide angle lens (see picture below), but have already quite enjoyed the lovely new tripod I received!

We do not relish the thought of being back to work and home maintenance routines in a few days, so will continue to ignore all that and do the best to make the most of our remaining holidays. Which means I should likely get back to my book (just about to begin the third in the Hunger Games trilogy, which was waiting for me under the tree)...

Hoping folks have had some pleasant and refreshing holiday time, and that the coming year nourishes your soul and draws you closer to the meaningful things in life.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

12 Years

On December 19 we celebrated our 12th anniversary! We were married on a rainy Saturday, which washed away the bit of pretty snow we had been enjoying.

It was the shortest day of my life. I remember most of it quite vividly, and am glad we at least had a nice, long ceremony (hey, it was our party and we were quite happy to make folks sit through an hour of hymns, readings, and musical performances - after all, we only planned to do it once).

The university church/chapel barely needed adornment, with its lovely stone floor and wooden pews, and the bit of cedar garland already there along with a few poinsettias worked perfectly. The reception site (also at the university) also required no additional decorating - lovely wood floors, walls, and tables, wood & leather studded chairs, "house" candelabras, and Christmas decor including a massive tree made for the perfect setting.

Dinner was delicious, and before we knew it, we were changing into our "going away" outfits and heading off into the night.

(On our anniversary this past Sunday, Geoff's parents had asked to meet us in the park after church to take some photos of them in this sleigh, for use with next year's Christmas card...so we had them snap a couple of us as well). It is a good thing we at least have the photos, since the rest of the day was a flurry of Church-related Christmas activity - we managed to open our gifts later in the evening, before heading off to bed for some rest before the beginning of the always-busy week before Christmas!

Speaking of which...I must get to bed tonight, so I have the stamina necessary for Christmas Eve and any remaining preparations. My parents have arrived within the past hour, and the holiday-ing has begun.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Uh Oh (and the Hounds of Christmas)

I just noticed that it has been over a month since I last posted. It seems the more I have spinning around in my head, the less I can organize myself to put it in writing (maybe I've said that before...I know I've thought it).

Anyway, in a bit of brain muddle right now, too. Just wanted to pop by and say hello to anyone who's still checking in. I have no intention of abandoning this blog, but would like to find some coherence first!

Before signing off for tonight (without having said anything worthwhile), the least I can do is leave you with a little Christmas cheer: