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Thursday, 13 January 2011

A Paragraph Here & There Never Hurt Anyone...(and a major digression)

I just deleted a friendly little comment about breaking large chunks of blogging into paragraphs, so that I will actually read what folks have to write (rather than exiting as quickly as possible due to visual overload).

But that sounds kind of snarky (despite no snarky feelings being attached to it), and really is neither here nor there.

You know, I read lovely, articulate, and thoughtful blog posts all the time. I fancied that mine would generally be the same - I would join this cyber-community of intelligent, prolific writers and thinkers, and become one of them. Actually - stop - I am guilty of revisionist thinking. I really started this blog to provide very business-like adoption updates for family & friends, as an alternative to sending out numerous emails and answering numerous questions (by the way, the blog didn't help with the questions...although they have mostly died off of their own accord due to three years of nothing happening).

Anyway, back to musing about beautiful and meaningful blogging. I could potentially do it, if I put my mind to it. But I tend to suspect that my master's degree work greedily consumed both my aptitude and desire for deep thinking and profound writing. Not sure if it's gone for good, or if I'm just taking a disconcertingly long time to re-charge (as in, over two years).

I suppose I could write about topics that have grabbed my attention here and there (usually thanks to CBC radio as I drive to and from clients). Like the beaver-related flooding threats in Germany (and the Canadian beaver which has populated areas of Finland & Russia so well after being planted there, that the European beaver is unlikely to make a come-back in those particular regions), or the economics of Ikea pricing in Canada vs. the US (and other Canadian pricing differences, and reasons for such, even with an at-par dollar), or perhaps (actually, one of my favourite issues when I worked in hospital-based mental health) limits of confidentiality and individual privacy and duty to warn. All quite fascinating topics, don't you think?

I could also talk about my "plans" to Simplify (capital "S" intended). I have cleared many, many items of clothing from the closet, which are now in a heap the spare room (formerly the nursery, now just a spare room again)...and have also purchased many new items of clothing since Christmas...although far fewer than I have opted to part with...it's a start, right?). And then there is my hope of putting forth the effort to find a humane & organic meat source this year. And to continue making strides toward non-toxic & chemical-free living (did pretty well with that last year, as a sort of resolution). And also the nagging sense that I really need to eat a bit less and start EXERCISING in some regular form (I think the nagging comes mostly from my snugger pants, and the few I basically stopped wearing last year).

Other things I might share, given the inclination, include a confession that I continue to taunt myself with dreams of what I now know to call "un-jobbing" (and that I bought a book along those lines), and also my surprise at how much (as in, all day, every day) I am making use of the IPod speakers we bought after Christmas and put in the kitchen (sort of our main walk-through area on the main level)...which is good, since we totally gave up on the "get a nice, but inexpensive unit" plan and bought the Dr. Dre Beatbox, after realizing the sound quality on everything else (including the Bose) was really not at all comparable (well, except on the nicely-priced and attractive Pioneer which would NOT accept my apparently antiquated IPod).

So, I am not so sure about articulate and meaningful - because as I said, not so much into mental effort these days. Much easier to ramble aimlessly on occasion.

Perhaps soon I will actually write an adoption update, such as it is. We'll see. I definitely do intend to post some Christmas decor pictures, once I find my camera cable (a mystery, since I am very good about keeping all the camera stuff together).

And of course, I will continue reading blogs. So if you feel the need to write a post about bloggers who use run-on sentences, a distracting degree of bracketing, and copious amounts of disjointed drivel (when they finally get around to posting, that is), you can be sure I will see it. And maybe take the hint.

Until next time, then...