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Monday, 22 December 2008

Priorities: Paperwork Before Christmas


A small sigh in the midst of ongoing bustle. The Durango's used tranny fix may not be working out so well (sad, but true), BUT our homestudy update is headed to the Ministry for a quick review, and our other Ghana paperwork (including notarized forms and so on) was sent off to our agency last week. So now we just wait for the Ministry approval and then it all gets put together by the agency and sent off to Ghana. Our goal was to get everything done on our end before Christmas, which we did, so that feels good.

Also important, we squeezed in a few minutes to grab a real Christmas tree to go with the houseful of artificial ones, and managed to decorate it, clean house, and wrap gifts before heading off on our 10th anniversary weekend and hosting some folks at our place earlier this evening. Starting to feel like most of our Christmas prep is done, so we can focus on having company and (another sigh - this one not so relaxed) looking for a new vehicle.

Merry Christmas everyone!