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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Packages En Route!

I LOVE waiting for online purchases to arrive, and now that we have stated our intentions to head to Thailand in March for a couple of weeks, which will include some day camp and so on in a Burmese/Karen refugee camp (but I begin to digress - long story, which can be told another day), there has been some shopping going on.

Sadly, I must wait for my parents to bring my hot weather clothing purchases with them on their next visit from the US (oh why, oh why, is Canada so far behind in the online clothing, accessories, housewares, and electronics business???), but I was able to order a nice bunch of organic and fragrance free self-care and beauty products from within Canada (quite good selection here) - partly to reduce bug-attraction in northern Thailand, and partly to get a move on my 2010 plan to move toward less toxic and non-toxic products.

Once it has all arrived and been tried, I will post some mini-reviews for you. And of course for the travel clothing, too. The goal is to pack light and keep it simple - my Macabi skirts (see link to side of page, and previous post...somewhere...I am digressing again) are ready and waiting for the suitcase, so just a few more things & the travel wardrobe and toiletries will be all set to go!

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