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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

A Gift (and sharing a bit with you)

...adoption is a calling, be it from a dream or a feeling deep in one's heart or gut. There is a knowing, a certainty, propelling us toward that assigned child, and a confidence and faith that in time - seemingly too much time - he or she will be shown to us.

(Chicken Soup for the Adopted Soul, Introduction)

Geoff just arrived home from work (managed to make good time today for my birthday), and had a package with him. Only a brief moment of confusion later, I was reading a lovely note from my Ethiopia program secret pal! I had just about forgotten that a little something would be coming my way this month, and it's pretty fun that it arrived on my birthday. Looking forward to some inspiring reading, perhaps after we return from our Ethiopian birthday dinner!


Kendra said...

I got that book during the last Secret Pal exchange. It was great but keep the kleenex close - happy tears though.

Hope you had a great Ethiopian Dinner and Happy Birthday!

Ruth Branson said...

I hope you enjoyed your evening, Joy. Happy Birthday!!!!