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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Guess Who Showed Up!?!

She's here! All the way from Ethiopia...at least, that's what I hear.

She arrived just this afternoon, and seemed quite comfortable in her packing box. I almost took her to book club with me tonight, but decided to let her get settled in to her new surroundings. As you can see, she is absolutely perfect in the nursery (but will likely spend some time on the main floor as well). And when I say this is one of my fave colour combos, my coordinating cross-stitch zebra attests to the fact that I am not just making that up.

Seriously, she's just perfect, and many thanks to Sarah for her generous name draw & sharing of talent. I've pulled out a baby name book & name list to help round out her identity. So much fun! I'm not too old to play house, am I?


Ruth Branson said...

I LOVE her - can I come play house, too? She's really lovely, Joy - where'd you get her???

On another note, you and I have another similarity - we're both part of a book club! What're you reading this month?

Take care.


Katie said...

SO cute! way to go Sarah! what's her name going to be??

Brendan and Mary said...

She is beautiful! And the nursery looks great too!


elsie hiebert said...

Love her. Where can I get one. I bought a dark skinned doll about a year ago. Can't wait for our little girl to play with her. Would love to have you and Geoff over when we both have our kids. I think it would be just a i hour drive.

Joy and Geoff said...

Check out gettingmycrafton.blogspot.com for more of Sarah's creations!

Sarah said...

I'm so glad you like her and that she made it all the way in one piece.

She looks just too sweet in that crib of yours.

Can't wait to hear her name.


shannon said...

SHe does look like she is settling in very well.

Enjoy getting to know your new little friend.


Sarah said...

I left a message saying that I was glad she arrived safe and sound. Maybe it didn't show up??

Anyway, curious if you came up with a name yet.