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Monday, 15 February 2010

A Photo Tour of Valentine's Day & Family Day Weekend

Despite a bit of a cold, and somewhat fuzzy plans, we managed to fit in a few things this long weekend. Here are some pictures (minus our tasty fish & chips take-out...neglected to photograph that little treat)...

1. The bouquet Geoff had with him when he arrived home from work on Friday:

2. The crafty mess that had accumulated in the breakfast nook:

3. Saturday's project, corralling & containing the crafty mess after a little trip for plastic bins and boxes. Took all day to get this far (and there is still a pile in the kitchen which doesn't quite fit):

4. A bit of Family day fun - catching up on our Rock Band world tour with Geoff & Jonathan (my brother):

5. And for good measure, some complete spontaneity in the form of a ukulele! Because if there's one thing I do really, really well, it is taking on new projects when I already have a number of important things on the go. But hey, if I can learn enough in 5 weeks, this little guy could travel with me to Thailand. If you're looking for an inexpensive hobby, this outfit was less than $50 total. (Mini product review: the ukulele is definitely a cheap-o, which has a little trouble holding its tuning, but the book is decent - pretty clear to follow along & has a CD for reference as well. With a music background, I basically went through the whole book in an afternoon - still with PLENTY to learn - it's just a basic introduction):

6. A Family Day hike near home. Had to turn around and backtrack after this raccoon friend (down the path) seemed disinterested in leaving the trail - actually looked like he wanted to come for a visit, perhaps to see if we had any snacks? I thought I had heard Gladwyn summon up a full hound cry in our yard before, but wow...I think the whole vicinity must have heard her bellow at this guy:

7. Our "pack" on the trail:


Sarah said...

Wow, that closet looks VERY organized. Nice job!


Hi... said...

Sounds like a great weekend.

Good for you on the organizing - need you in my house!

Love the family pic.


Sharla said...

Tha is such impressive organization of your craft stuff. I don't know whether to be inspired or intimidated!!