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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Just Because...

Good afternoon everyone! I've just been taking a quick break to browse a few blogs, and check the Ghana forums for any more news...nothin' much going on today it seems. But I did realize how much I enjoy finding new posts on people's blogs, even when there's not much to say. So for any of you who are like me in that regard, here's a post just for you!

Since I'm here...we've learned of one other family given a referral through our agency in the past 2 weeks - another set of twin girls!!! And, we've been joined on the discussion forum by the first (or pretty close to it) Canadian couple who received a referral for Ghana, which was in early January. So, we're pretty encouraged with how things seem to be moving along with referrals, and all within the (gu)estimated timeframes of 8-12 weeks once folks' dossiers get to Ghana. Not sure I can really wrap my head around the POSSIBILITY that we could actually have a referral by late spring or early summer.

As always, we are busy, busy, busy. Maybe a little too much so, but we are enjoying our weekly social dance classes, and our first couple of dog training classes have been fun as well. We definitely need to re-claim Saturdays - our only full day off, and they've been booked pretty solid for a few weeks, which means we really aren't accomplishing a whole lot around the house, including cleaning, and that gets depressing after a while :(

However, Geoff has been squeezing in some reno work, and I must say the shiny floors AND shiny woodwork in the front room are BEAUTIFUL (which helps balance out the sadness of living in a dusty house). The nursery floor is done, too, and the walls were painted last night. Hopefully trimwork will be done sometime this weekend and we can actually set up the room for good!

Side note: look at me - once I start writing about nothing, I just keep going...

One little reminder - this adoption process takes a while! We've just accepted from the beginning that this will involve a LOT of time, and will be somewhat unpredictable, and that is ok (for now, at least, it still is). There will not be any specific news for us while we wait for a referral. That may take a couple of months, or a lot of months (as I've mentioned previously), and we will most certainly let people know as soon as there's news! (In the meantime, I will keep posting here about any general Ghana program news & updates that I can share). And...once we have a referral, we do not travel immediately. In fact, the time waiting for a referral is likely to be MUCH shorter than the time waiting to travel once we have a referral. Once we accept the referral, we wait for the court approval and we wait for immigration paperwork and visas before we can go meet our children. This will likely mean a number of months, again, in which there will also be very few updates. Sorry to keep you waiting - but be assured, we'll keep you posted, and no matter how much we are asked to talk about it & answer questions, things will not happen any faster! But feel free to kill some time in my gardens, or dusting my house - makes the time pass productively at least :)

Ok then, enough of my "just because" posting. Gotta get organized & on my way - it is dance night, after all!

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Anonymous said...

Hi. My husband and I are currently searching for information about adopting from Ghana. If you don't mind sharing, what is the name of your agency and would you recommend it?