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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Nursery Progress & Our Super-Cute Dog & Fun New Specs

Very, very, painfully slowly, the nursery renovations are progressing. Geoff sanded the floors down, and, here you can see his partially finished stain job. Which looks fantastic all finished up! And, now there's even the first part of stained baseboard, door trim, and varnished window trim up...all hand-made, and looking great. Now I want the room to be my office. Hmm...

Ok, and just in case you need to be reminded how cute my dog is (and how fun my vintage frames are now that I've got lenses in them - thanks to Geoff's grandma ensuring they didn't go to the grave, and thanks to the optician with a good eye who knew just how to shape the lense):

And next, so Geoff doesn't feel left out, check out his new look - he's been wanting glasses for ages, and actually needed them this time:

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