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Thursday, 19 March 2009

My Fault: Prolonging Things Further

Ahhh! I am pretty out of it today, I guess. We finally got back our medical forms to add to our dossier - I started filling out an attached form so we could get them in the mail in the morning, and was filling out the one for Geoff (since I always write, and he always signs off) then realized he is supposed to fill it out himself. And we are not supposed to take the staple out of the package, so now Geoff's medical forms are attached to the form I was filling out, and my blank form, which could be filled out by Geoff, is attached to my medical forms. I hope I have not just created a major problem, but will hopefully find out tomorrow what should be done about this. And I am always so careful with instructions...or so I thought. Figures this is the time I mess it up.

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