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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Longer Than You'd Think

Thankfully the newest set of medical reports we need to add to our dossier (which is already in Ghana) doesn't mean putting our referral wait on hold...because Geoff met with our Dr.'s resident last week (as our Dr. couldn't book an appointment until late next week), but the forms had to stay at the clinic for our Dr. to sign & stamp. So Geoff consulted with the resident and administrative assistant, and left the unfilled forms at the clinic for later pick-up. We got the call they were ready at the end of last week, and Geoff then forgot them one day, the clinic closed early the next day, we were still in the city the next day & couldn't get them, and then we forgot the clinic closes early on Wednesdays as well...so hopefully today - which just reminded me that we may have to re-negotiate the grocery shopping plans to make that happen. Tomorrow we'll be in the city all evening, so it has to be tonight if we don't want to wait until next week...in which case, Geoff may as well have just booked with our Dr. when she's available next week. Oh well. Not a major stress or anything, just a bit of an unexpectedly slow process.

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