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Monday, 2 November 2009

Back to the Drawing Board

I received a call from Imagine this morning, to address any questions we might have and to outline our options, which are to withdraw from Imagine or join the Ethiopia program. Seeing as we initially thought we would be going with the Ethiopia program, when we chose Imagine two years ago, it seems we may have come full circle. At this point we have not decided what we will do. Our options outside of Imagine include, for example, public adoption in Ontario or looking into international adoption through another agency (which means starting from scratch financially). We have just about a month to decide whether to renew with Imagine. Yikes - busy few weeks ahead, it looks like as we engage in major future planning.


Sylvie and Victor said...

I know you will make the right decision!

Ruth Branson said...

Hi Joy -
I can't imagine how tough a process this has been for you, with all of the ups and downs re: Ghana and Imagine. I wish you much peace about whatever decision you end up making about Ethiopia (though privately I'm hoping you choose to go with Ethiopia!!).

Love your blog!


...waiting for a referral of two.