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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Hound-Related Interlude

Since we are the midst of having no idea what is happening with our adoption, this is a post about hounds. Why not. Here, you can see Gladwyn sharing a long stick with Jim (Captain Kirk), visiting with my parents this weekend. Jim, being a pup of 7 months or so, was initially a little overwhelming even for energetic Gladwyn (herself merely 18 months), but they seem to be sorting things out well. Jim is reportedly a beagle mix, but at pretty much the same height, and with a stockier build, than Gladwyn, I am thinking bluetick coonhound, around 50 pounds so far. Who knows (Jim was taken on by my parents, who planned to find a collie again, when their neighbours decided they would not be keeping the pup, so there is little known background on the lad). Hesper is somewhere on the sidelines here. She has not quite decided to let loose with Jim, preferring at this point to bark encouragement from a safe distance while he plays. Which is a step up from putting him in his place whenever he entered her personal space zone. At least they move efficiently through the getting acquainted phase, seeing as we are only at the end of day one. We shall see if we have to go through this again when we host Jim for a weekend in about a month, and then for a while at Christmas. Anyway, time for bed. That is all the hound news for today :)

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