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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Dogs, and Human Nature

Yesterday we came across a great deal on a nice, big, comfy dog bed. Our other ones are a little flat, hard, and lumpy, so we picked it up.

Well, it is a hit with Gladwyn in particular. She stayed on it all evening - not even following me upstairs where I spent some time. However, she won't let Hesper on it. Typically a good-natured hound who loves to play with Hesperantha, snuggle up beside her, and who lets Hesper boss her around the food dish, she growls and blocks Hesper from the new bed. Hopefully once the novelty wears off, all will be well, but I have to say I am always disappointed when my hounds mirror the less savoury aspects of human (and I suppose, animal) nature. I mean, I do realize dogs are generally thinking of themselves - even their affection, which I enjoy, seems pretty suspiciously self-gratifying - but at least when they are being nice about their "me first-ness" they can still be endearing.

Not sure how to categorize things like our little Scat-cat's food thievery - it makes me laugh when she growls and grumbles while dragging off a piece of meat, but I do think she would let us all starve while making off with choice meats, cheeses, and milk from the counter when our backs are turned. Don't think any of my pets have ever come close to embodying the qualities of heroic and unselfish animals occasionally featured in news stories - I guess maybe that is why those animals make the news.

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