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Monday, 16 November 2009

Dancing the Night Away

We actually had fun at dance class tonight!

Since Geoff and I started social dance lessons last winter, we have been compelled to continue (and have actually dared trying out some rudimentary steps at various weddings). We have seen it as a bit of focused time together, a bit of exercise, and I suppose just something new to do. The reality of being a true beginner, as with any technical skill, is that the fun factor can be elusive. There can be a lot of frustration and disillusionment as weeks go by having to re-learn moves each week, stepping on and kicking each other (all accidental, of course), feeling like a rusty robot (isn't a waltz suppose to feel like gliding as well as look like it??)...you get the idea.

But for some reason, we were totally on the ball tonight. Geoff led me into a diagonal right off the bat during the foxtrot, and our conversation step came right back to us. The single swing went off without a hitch, including arch turns, and lady & guy unders. Then the new move (can't remember its name) made sense right away. And, our final waltz felt (despite likely not looking) lovely. We did not take a break between 6-week sessions this time, and my theory is that doing more than 6 weeks consecutively may be paying off. We can only hope. And I also hope we actually remember some of this stuff in the long-term :)

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