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Sunday, 13 December 2009

A Little Taste of Christmas

Ah, the tree. Here is our one "real" tree, trimmed with a combination of new, vintage style ornaments, actual vintage from grandparents' collections, plus childhood pieces, etc. May still do a little retro garland, and definitely need a topper...but at least it's up. This one is our kitchen/foyer/lounge tree, and the other ones up at the moment include the living room (polar bear), dining room (Father Christmas), kitchen nook (kitchen utensils), entrance/landing (primitive), master bedroom (mixed green/white/amber tones), nursery (African animals), and spare room/office/family room (dogs & cats). Don't have the sugar plum, music, miscellaneous trees up yet, but hoping for this week if more construction materials get cleared out. Love having tree lights twinkling in each room!

And...I have actually cooked up some Christmas fudge - a quick, easy cheater recipe using marshmallows. And I've done a couple of batches - one for a cookie exchange, and one as a gift. Unheard of (which is why I had to capture photos of the experience)!

Here are the hounds, hanging out in our bedroom as we wrapped gifts up there over the past week. Everything is packaged and sorted according to where/when it will be opened. I always feel much calmer and more prepared once the gifts are done and under the trees.

This weekend I finally got around to working on props for our Christmas pageant...not sure what we got ourselves into...but it has been fun working with the Jr. High students on their play - they had the general idea, I wrote the script...and painted some props. Somehow ended up with a speaking part, too.

And here we are, all spruced up for my work party. Thought we should get a photo while we were looking festive.

Anyway, there's a little photo journey of our Christmas season to date. We're off in about an hour for our church Christmas concert, featuring our choir and some guest instruments doing things like Vivaldi's Gloria, and some carol singing - should be fun! Hopefully my made-for-TV Christmas movie will end in time to get ready...although we have been watching plenty of these, and the recipe seems suspiciously similar for each one..ah well, 'tis the season.

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Gwen said...

I love, love, love this beautiful & cozy post, particularly the picture of the dogs. I'm amazed and impressed that you have this many trees in your house -- I'd love to see the "primitive" one. Tiny cave men with clubs, perhaps? Or tiny cave men (in Santa hats) holding tiny cave women by their hair? Fascinating. Show us a picture! :)