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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Christmas Scenes

Christmas morning! (The Father Christmas tree in the dining room)...and at least it was festive inside, because the rain poured all day:

Side entrance...

Time to ramp up my sewing skills to make me worthy of this new gadget (which I am having Geoff learn, so that I don't have to teach myself how to use it - my old Kenmore is absolutely primitive in comparison):

Mmm, remnants of Christmas breakfast (Eggs Benedict):

New toys!

All to themselves...(recall my recent post about my hounds' limited capacity to share):

Mom & Dad's hound, Jim, having a rare mellow moment:

And...at last! We have snow...arrived starting the evening of the 28th...this is what we woke up to this morning. Now it is Christmas:

Today, not much on the agenda. Tomorrow is our immediate family Christmas with my siblings, so the season is still alive and well. We actually have a couple of quiet days to loaf about, organize & order photos, read, craft, play Rock Band 2 (given by me, to my husband...fun times), and maybe take the dogs for a hike or two if we can get through the snow!

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Sarah said...

Your house is adorable! So are the pups. :)