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Thursday, 31 December 2009


Thanks 2009! You have not been everything we anticipated, but you turned out ok. New dogs & babies in the family network, camping experiences, graduation, travel, renovation progress, new job, adoption agency restructuring...certainly never a dull moment.

Yesterday, we had our immediate family Christmas celebration at my sister's, complete with a visit from Santa:

Here are Geoff & I with the little ones, who humoured us with a quick aunt, uncle, & cousins photo:

And here we are with a gift from my sister, reminding us of summer camping adventures to come in the new year (and my long-term dream of being the proud owner of an actual Airstream):

So, tonight we will celebrate the remainder of 2009 with friends, and welcome 2010. I never set formal resolutions, but I am thinking in the direction of moving much further toward non-toxic eating, cleaning, and self-care, crafting, music-playing, home organization & simplifying, etc. Ok, more exercise is likely a good goal, too, perhaps along with starting a "saving for an Airstream" jar (used is just fine)...

Anyway folks, have a happy December 31, 2009! See you in 2010...

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