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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Remembering Bruckner

1999-June 8, 2009

Taking a moment to celebrate my sister's dog, Bruckner (seen here hanging out with my Scat, in a backyard garden at my place), a happy guy who shared 8 years as part of the family. He was adopted by my sister in Ohio, then moved in with us for 3 years along with my sister, where he developed a lovely friendship with our greyhound, Gatsby, put up with our cats (sometimes salivating after them, especially Scat), and endured Phineas, our basset. Most recently he enjoyed meeting Gladwyn (who must have looked enough like a greyhound for his taste) and sharing his home with our new niece. He hung in there for a little while with lymphoma, enough time for some more good walks, visits, and memories.

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