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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The Latest Dream

A while back I posted about a dream in which we were referred a 20 month-old boy and 9 week-old girl from Africa, somewhere, but not from Ghana. Last night, I dreamed we received a referral for lovely identical twin boys from Ghana, 18 months old. Things went well in the dream, which is nice, because most of my dreams are pretty strange and quite unsettling. Funny how when we were in the thick of adoption planning, paperwork, waiting for things to be sent here and there, I wasn't having any adoption dreams that I recall. Then this spring, which has pretty much involved waiting, being pre-occupied with job and household business, and wondering about the future of the Ghana program, I've had two...we'll see how long it takes for another one to come along.

Oh, and now I remember the weird part of the dream - we had to travel to Ghana for some adoption-related reason (not sure what) and were matched with our twins while there, totally unexpectedly, and were able to travel home with them right away. As a result, I had no opportunity to give notice of my parental leave, which I felt badly about. My employer, as I recall, was understanding, but I then learned leave was only expected to last 5.5 months, and I would be returning to work just before Christmas (great timing). I believe I woke up before re-approaching my employer to break the news that I planned to take the whole 9 months of leave permitted in Ontario! Ok, so the dream was odd, but overall still good :)

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