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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Here Goes...

Well folks, we seem to be making haste toward Ghana. It is so difficult to make these decisions, but it seemed clear after talking with our agency and seeing some of the connections with Ghana emerge in talking with people we know, that this is the direction for us. We hope to have our file off to Ghana in early January, once our homestudy and Ontario approval are complete.

The Ghana process is similar to the Ethiopia process, in that we don't travel until after court AND until after the permanent resident visas are issued. This does mean a little longer wait before we meet our children than it would in the Zambia program, but also means that there is little uncertainty about our length of stay in-country (unlike Zambia, where length of stay would have depended on the unpredictable time between court and visa issuance). Travel to Ghana only needs to be 7-10 days or so, but we would like to aim for about 3 weeks to experience the country a little better.

We have been so thankful the way things have come together to point us toward Ghana - it is reassuring having that sense of heading in the right direction.

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