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Friday, 7 November 2008

Hanging In & Keeping Up

Well, the usual questions about when we expect things to start moving along for our adoption keep coming. And the answer is still that we just sit tight...for a little while. It seems harder for others to accept the unknowns than it is for us, I think.

And never fear...we're still knee-deep in a few of the things that need to be "of the past" before we will feel truly ready to put all of our energies into adoption planning and referrals. If all goes well, that thesis of mine will hopefully be all done in about 3 weeks.

This week, we've been getting acquainted with our new little niece, who was born November 2 (contemplated, conceived, carried, and born in much less time, I might add, than we have been working on this adoption). She's quite lovely, and we're glad she's nearby & will be a big part of our lives!

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