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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Off Topic: My Amazing Computer Savvy

Ah ha! I am a total computer genius. While browsing links on our adoption agency's website today I found the link to the adoption tickers I have seen on everyone else's adoption blogs (I was having some serious ticker envy but had not bothered to ask anyone where they came from). Well, I just have to brag that I followed the directions on www.lilypie.com, which included making a ticker by clicking my choices (very tough stuff...kidding) and then copying html code from that site...then I guessed correctly where to find the info I needed on the blog layout page, and TA DA! - a little pasting, and it worked!!! I will definitely be attracting some major computer programming contracts any time now.

AND, this post is actually not completely off topic - allow me to draw your attention to our lovely new adoption timeline ticking away at the top of the blog to help us all keep track...enjoy!

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