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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Confession (& Warning): Growing Cloth Diaper Obsession

Uh, yeah, it's true. I'm finding cloth diapers fascinating. It will be such a shame to use them - they're so clean & lovely. So far, then, my faves (without having tried them out yet) are the Rumparooz (by far, I think - that lovely double gusset, stretchy elastic, and super-soft lining are fabulous, not to mention my super-cute outer prints & fabrics), the Whamies, and the Berryplush (only drawback with these is that there's no one-size option). I'm thinking that the Baby Kangas & Bum Genius could be near the top of my list as well. Eventually, I will be able to do the "action research" and let you know!

Meanwhile...I have managed to tie diapering in with decorating (I can pretty much link anything with decorating)...Once I got thinking about where on earth a person keeps 50 diapers (the idea of separate bedrooms made sense all of a sudden - I'm thinking attractive wicker laundry basket for the clean ones???), I also realized that the dirty ones have to go somewhere too...and that's where things got ugly. Literally. Diaper pails are ridiculously hideous contraptions it seems. I cannot fathom willingly placing one next to my lovely antique dresser. And then a little googling brought http://www.thegoodmama.com/ to the rescue - lovely, waterproof, zippered hanging diaper pail bags in beautiful prints. Relief.

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