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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Jobs: Unfortunate but Necessary

Ok, I haven't totally given up on my belief that there really are great jobs out there that are a perfect fit for people...I'm just looking forward to the next phase for me, whenever it arrives in the form of two little siblings from Africa (I'm hoping that job will be the best fit yet...we'll see)!

Now, Geoff is one of those folks who has a job that fits like a glove! As I've posted before, the only issue is that in his current position, I would pretty much have to work a day or two in order to keep things afloat. We're really not wanting to get ahead of ourselves, but there's a chance things might shift in a positive direction in the near future, and that the goal of full-time parenting *might* be looking a bit more realistic...something to keep in your thoughts & prayers for sure.

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