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Monday, 5 May 2008

Phase 2 Begins...

Welcome! It's about time for an update regarding our adoption plans - we're hoping the blog format is a convenient way for everyone to stay updated along the way.

So, today marked the official end to (the unexpectedly long) wait for our fingerprint clearances to come back from the RCMP (we were pretty happy the day those came in the mail - as you can see by the picture to your right!) so that we can keep moving forward with our homestudy.

So far we have been really pleased to receive so much positive feedback about our adoption plans. I'm sure there will be some difficult responses from others, but at this point we are simply quite thankful for all the support and enthusiasm that surrounds us! We look forward to the next few months of continuing to prepare our home, and ourselves, for our children. In doing so, here are some of the things on our minds, for you to be aware of:

1. Continuing to save money, spend wisely, and think creatively in order to make the best use of our financial resources and opportunities.
2. Thinking of our children (perhaps one born already, perhaps not, and quite possibly at least one on the way) and their mother, who is, or will be, in such difficult circumstances that will lead to her children becoming ours.
3. Becoming as fully prepared as possible to love & parent these children, whatever their needs and circumstances.
4. Prioritizing and planning clearly in regard to household and travel preparations.
5. Focusing and working diligently in other areas of life, while we wait, to make the best use of our time, contribute fully in our commitments & relationships, and accomplish what must be done (i.e., renovations & thesis - going fairly well despite recent paperwork & puppy preoccupations).

Well then, I expect this is enough to digest for one day! Thanks to you all for your interest & investment in our adventure...

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