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Friday, 23 May 2008

Getting Crafty - Africa Bags For You!

Somehow, while waiting for Spring, and procrastinating on my thesis (correction: as a balanced way of spending time while also working on my thesis), I spent some time making Africa tote bags/purses with some extra (i.e., lots of extra) fabric I had lying around. The result is handy little bag with rustic charm, and it has done well in field tests so far!

Most are taupe twill with various combinations of cotton calico linings & Africa silhouettes. There also are (and will be) a few black houndstooth/plaid ones, a few hot pink ones, bright blue ones, and a number made of light blue twill with white pinstripe. Might be tricky to specify lining & Africa silhouette colours, unless you see me in person - but feel free to ask. I am also open to making silhouettes other than Africa - your favourite dog breed, for example!

Each bag is $15, with $1 going to charities supporting African development work (particularly in the areas of water and AIDs development) and Africa children's programs. For now, that will be Kids Alive (of interest to us because of people connections we have locally), and Jars of Clay's Blood Water Mission (AIDs support & water development) - see my web links to check out their sites! I'll work out shipping costs as I get further along in planning...lots of you are likely within hand-delivery distance.

We have a few other creative ideas in the works, provided we find the time to get crafting, so stay tuned!

If you're interested in having a look at the bags, send me a comment with your email address & I'll email you the photo album from Facebook where I've posted the pics!

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