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Thursday, 22 May 2008

My Travel Skirts

Bottom line is, I'm terrible at packing. When I try really hard to pack light, I regret everything I didn't bring, so generally I stuff in as much as possible. And in Canada, who can say that's a bad idea? Even August vacations mean anything from sundresses to mittens. But for Africa, I want to be able to bring home as much as possible, thereby leaving as much space available as I can. I'm also disinclined to have to worry about ironing, finicky laundering, etc. while away. And then, of course, there are heat/UV factors. Enter the Macabi skirt - http://www.macabiskirt.com/ - long, lightweight, easy to hand wash & hang dry. I'm very excited. I may be falling heavily toward looking a bit 'tourist-y', but the Macabi, with a pair of Birkenstocks, a cute polo T, and my new hemp Tilley looks pretty fun & travel-friendly, if I do say-so myself!

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