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Friday, 25 March 2011

The Land of Eternal Snow (and a mini-sermon)

Ah, Spring! At last...

Warmer temperatures, and the first signs of...
Oh wait - I can't quite see out there - my vision has gone foggy and white.
Horror of horrors, I am going blind.

What's that you say?
Snow. Right. All is well.

It is, indeed, Spring. For a couple of days, actually, there was bare earth and grass, and plenty of mud to go around. I have been out a couple of times without a coat, and there are crocus tips nudging their way up and out. So, the season is slowly, begrudgingly, changing.

Since I can do nothing - no, truly nothing - about the snow, I generally make an effort to remain on good terms with it. I enjoy the photo opportunities it provides (and the temporary reduction in mud travelling into my house - floors, rugs, stairs, furniture, me). The degree of snow-related angst folks express seems self-imposed, to a point. To be perfectly honest, the cultural acceptability of complaining about weather and other inconveniences troubles me. I think that attitude can become pervasive, and can also become a standard way of relating to our circumstances. Can we not rise above the external, perhaps even have a sense of humour, and use these things to cultivate a character of graciousness? Is it so difficult to adopt an individual perspective, rather than latching onto the apparent mass mentality?

(A quick qualifier, based on Facebook feedback I received to a similar status update: To those, who like me, have experienced snow-related stresses, mishaps, and unwelcome adventures like car accidents and fallen trees/branches - both of which I have experienced in the snow - I empathize, and do not direct my comments at your experience of those situations. As I also noted on Facebook, clearly any "thing" can be associated with unfortunate events - other generally more welcome activities and circumstances - sunshine, hiking and biking and boating, cooking and woodworking, rain - all these things have unfortunate and even tragic events associated with them...but we do not shun them - we choose to continue making the most of them. We don't complain incessantly about them. And we don't wonder why they are part of our lives.)

Now, back to snow's lovelier qualities...

Ah, snow.

But won't Spring be delightful?


elsie hiebert said...

After just coming back from 2 weeks in the balmy Florida. I was a little perturbed to see the snow. BUT it is still beautiful.

J. said...


I found you through my blog and though I would drop you note to say that if you do ever want to talk about adopting from CAS I would be happy to walk you through some of the good, bad and hard bits as compared to what I have learned from my friends who have adopted internationally. There are pros and cons to both for sure. If you ever want to chat send me an email or leave me a comment. I do not live in that end of the province but I am not to far away.