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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

I Like Shrove Tuesday Better Than Lent

Mmm, fluffy pancakes, real maple syrup, chocolate chips, bacon, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. 'Twas a tasty all-in-one dinner & dessert last night!

Now, on to Lent.

Ok, so I have never actually observed Lent. I think I've tried to come up with something to "give up" before (one year in my former, frustrating workplace, I think it was "complaining about work" - which didn't go anywhere). Lent was never really part of our family or church tradition, but seems to have become quite a bit more popular for folks of various church backgrounds. I know lots of folks who do the usual giving up of chocolate, alcohol, and other, often food-related, things. I don't hear as much talk about the other side of Lent - adding or beefing up something (mmm, beef) with a spiritual focus (other than maybe to offer a quick prayer during a bad chocolate craving).

As usual, I haven't given much thought to Lent. But it's been hard to ignore entirely, with folks on Facebook and whatnot sharing their Lenten decisions here and there. And sitting here this morning (yes, yes, I'll start working soon...in fact, if I had been working already, maybe I would have saved myself from the notion I am currently contemplating), my dangerous mind suddenly allowed a distasteful thought to creep in - maybe I should consider NOT purchasing any new clothing items during Lent. What? Brain...stop working...stop, stop! But it kept going - perhaps "non-essential" book purchases should also be put on hold. Now, come on. If there is such a thing as a non-essential book purchase, surely all book purchases are at least noble and completely justifiable. Please???

Uh oh. I feel the shakes coming on already, and I haven't even committed. I am going to have to stay off the computer, walk with my eyes to the ground when in the community, stay OUT of Winners, and keep loud music playing at all times to drown myself out for the next 40 days if this is to be successful.

What about finding a nice, Easter Sunday outfit? I am planning to attend a conference in Ottawa in April...what about out of town shopping opportunities? Ahhh. Need to think this through more.

Although, I did just make an online clothing purchase last night, and I know I really don't need clothes right now. Just wait, though - I'll commit, and then horrible things will happen - like my favourite jeans (out of the very few that currently fit) will rip and have bleach dumped on them, my tops will all accidentally be shrunken, my shoes will spring leaks and tears. A fantastic, one-of-a-kind, limited time only pair of Toms will come to my attention (something like the Ethipia water shoe I missed out on last fall because I thought I should ask for it for Christmas instead of just ordering it for myself on the spot). Oh, the horror.

If I do this, please don't be alarmed if you can't find me for the next 4o days. Huddled in my room, with my loud music, and my eyes tightly closed against the world. Oh wait, I also need to replace my sacrifice with something of spiritual value. Ok, maybe if I sew up a storm of Africa bags (poor, neglected sewing) I might live to tell the tale. Yes, that might just do the trick. Deep breath.

Will keep you posted, or not. It all depends.


findingmagnolia said...

One month into 2011, the year of buying no new clothes or shoes for me, the zipper on my favorite pair of jeans decided to break. I mourned briefly and intensely, then allowed my second favorite pair to become my favorite. I should have had some sort of ceremony, a little jeans coronation or something, but instead I probably just wore them three or five days in a row and spilled something wretched on the thigh. All that to say: You'll be fine during Lent.

Also? A good marker job can sometimes conceal a bleach spot if it's not too big. :)

Paula said...

Joy, this is fantastic! I had the EXACT same self-talk recently! (around the same time as you, but am just reading this post today). What does it mean to "prepare for Easter"? I'm still thinking about it... and no, I didn't 'give anything up' this year. Not yet anyways. Will also keep you posted :)