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Monday, 8 November 2010

Am I Getting Old?

I have been reminded, since yesterday's time change, that "gaining" an hour as a result of the "fall back" time change is not as exciting in reality as it seems in theory.

Sure, staying up a bit late Saturday night because it's more like 11:00pm new time, rather than 12:00am old time, is enticing (or was, when I was 14 or so). But the dogs, and sometimes the body, still wake up on the "old" schedule the next day. And by early evening, the "old" body clock is even more evident, as one is ready to wind down by the new 9:30pm, thinking it's 10:30pm. Right now it's 9:15pm on the second day of the time change, and I feel jet-lagged. But I still have a Christmas tree to finish decorating (yes, that is correct. Tree #2 is standing).

"Spring Forward" (e.g., the dreaded going to bed an hour "early" scenario) always seemed like a rip-off...but I'm thinking that might be a nice treat to look forward to.


Erin @ Sky Blue Pink Roses said...

Joy, I hear you. Kids and pets don't know what time it is and wake you up even earlier in the new time. Whose bright idea was daylight savings time? It just means two weeks a year of being tired and out-of-whack.

kmcaffee said...

I love your blog! Your latest post is right on target with us "old folk"! Thanks for your comment and I do need your address, ma'am - I wasn't kidding - I'm sending you a lovely box of Merci chocolates! Yay, you!! :)