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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Tick- tock...and "click" "click" "click"

Since getting back from camping (during which it was nice to know not to be expecting any updates, especially with no internet) I've been clicking back-and-forth between email and adoption message boards to catch any news on the Ghana program the moment it arrives. And there is none, yet. We did just get a message from the agency saying that hopefully by Friday, following more internal meetings, there will be news.

Once again, we will wait and see. I am, however, solemnly reminded today that this waiting and uncertainty is not, by far, the worse thing we could be facing, after hearing terribly sad news from another family about the little girl they were in the process of adopting. It seems that this year has been a difficult one for so many - people we know personally, and those I follow along with electronically. May there be peace and beauty to carry us through dark times.

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Sylvie and Victor said...

Good spirit! Lets keep on waiting.