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Sunday, 11 January 2009

New Additions!

Well, since the Durango's transmission quit, and we put in a used tranny that was feeling a bit suspect (and then we started getting only 6 miles per gallon - that is not a misprint), we opted for a new vehicle. So now we're back into a minivan, which is totally fine with us. We had a Caravan for 6 years and it was so handy - from people (and large dog) transporter to renovation materials hauler and back again. And I have this irritation with trying to negotiate regular car doors that are trying to close on me or scratch other people's cars while I'm trying to get things into or out of my vehicle, so I'm a huge fan of sliding doors. As well, people keep reminding us that SUVs come with 7 passenger seating for kids and dogs, which we know, because the Durango was a 7 passenger, however the huge glitch with that set-up is when you have two car seats and therefore no way of accessing the rear seat for your dog or other passengers. When they make an SUV with a sliding door AND a sliding seat to provide rear access, then we'll talk. But I have no shame with the minivan. I have no idea what this whole North American cultural issue is with the minivan stigma. And, a peek inside our new (2006) Odyssey, and you'll realize that sitting in that sporty, snazzy, technologically overloaded cockpit (complete with sunroof) can feel pretty good!

Anyway, that's one thing. And, as part of Christmas/graduation/upcoming travel (where I really want to be able to take great pictures of our kids) we've picked up a digital SLR - so fun. I just need some time to really play with it. We found it very lightly used, and therefore got a good deal on it - picked up our van in Guelph after work on Tuesday, then went by Hamilton for the camera, then home again in time for bed before work the next day! It's a Canon xsi, for those who want to check it out online. Very exciting!

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Proudmama said...

Hi there, I'm new to reading your blog. We adopted from Ethiopia 1.5 years ago (through Imagine) and are starting another adoption and have been looking at Ghana. Just wondering where things are at with it- do you know if they have referred children yet and if anyone has gone through court and made it home? I'd ask Imagine but they're all away this week. So thought I'd see if you might know.

Anyways, back to your blog post- we have an SUV right now which works for our 2 kiddos but when the third one comes, we're going to have to seriously consider a mini van. Too bad they don't look as cool on the outside as they do on the inside- some are pretty rocking in there. Sounds like you bought a really nice one.

Good luck with your adoption journey! I'm looking forward to following it,