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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

This Winter (if one can call it such)

I so love being able to walk out of our door, and end up in the countryside minutes later. At times I wonder if the convenience of city living would be worthwhile, but that thought always fades quickly. Another thing that has been fading quickly this winter is the snow, but I have a few photos to prove we actually had some! I know enough not to complain too much, given that some winters are pretty rough as far as driving and snow removal go, but I would have appreciated a little more frozen ground to the mud we've been tracking around this year.

We finally got around to having our first family skate on the weekend (I had previously been skating with all three kids for a pre-Christmas school event at a local arena). The boys were hoping for push supports, but I was glad there were none so that they had to work on balance a bit more this time. Lute was more confident without the frame, and both are shuffling along well enough to get somewhere. Caye went in her boots, having hated the strap-on blades I used last time. She enjoyed puttering around the edge, watching squirrels and dogs, and being taken for a slide every now and then.

Geoff (who is enjoying parental leave, as evidenced by the above picture), managed to get the kids out on a day with *some* snow, to create this guy. I found it a bit disconcerting to keep looking out the back door and finding this huge "person" staring in at me. So far, he has lost his head, but is otherwise still standing. It remains to be seen whether he will take a tumble on top of anyone, but the kids have been duly warned to steer clear on warmer days.

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