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Friday, 16 December 2011

The Sweet and The Sensational

I just posted these anecdotes as a Facebook status update (so if you read both, sorry for the duplication...but these tidbits are worth repeating):

At breakfast, Lute noted that Kitch "sometimes" cries at night after going to bed. With clarification, this apparently happens when I am out for the evening (which is, hmm...maybe once per month?). Lute stated he is sad at these times as well, and when asked why, explained, "Because I love you." (First time for that one, folks - I've had lots of "I really, really like you" from Lute previously...).

While bra shopping with Kitch & Caye (yes, if you need fun ideas for things to do with toddlers, just ask me), Kitch noted that he wants to "wear one of those" when he is a lady (but not while he is a boy). And to see his great delight simultaneously sporting fairy wings, a sparkly butterfly mask, plastic high heels, and a wand earlier this week...well...I see he is leaving his future wide open!