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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

17 Months

I would love to be more disciplined about journalling little bits and pieces about the kids as they grow and change, because I am well aware that my memory will fail me.

In many ways, I don't see tons of differences in the boys since we met them...but I think that also means I have forgotten a bit already. Because when I really think about it, I suspect a few changes based on earlier, already foggy, impressions. Given the boys' ages, development will be a bit more subtle, but I believe we've seen some language development, and increased sophistication with various skills. They have certainly learned a lot since working on things like basic counting and drawing. We're working on introductory negotiation and other life skills as well (and seeing some progress - like, Mom not having to assist with any aspects of toileting/wiping most of the time - hooray)!

But little Caye, at 17 months old - oh my! Each day, the new words, skills, and mannerisms stop me in my tracks. This week, she has started answering my previously-rhetorical questions with very sincere "ya" and "no" responses. She has already been following simple one- and two-step instructions ("go get your baby and stroller") for a while. Increasingly, she is showing interest in "joining" the boys in play. If the boys go out to play in the backyard, she has started (unfortunately for me), saying "shoes" (shrugging in a "where are they?" gesture) and then going to the door (becoming upset if I am not in a position to escort her out quite yet). She climbs the playhouse ladder outside, and loves to "pretend" eating and drinking. She feeds her bottle to toys and book characters, pets, and family members. She has donned shoes on her own, correctly (ok, a bit of a fluke), a couple of times, and I let her spend the morning with a sundress pulled on over her shorts as a skirt recently, because it was very cute. The best is when she does something like drape Geoff's boxers around her like a toga. Caye loves to kiss the animals, will sometimes kiss me on demand (and always loves to be picked up and squeezed), and is generally cheerful, funny, and affectionate. She is very into pointing (and poking at) body parts, especially eyes and nostrils. I just bought her a water bottle like the boys', and she is totally into carting it around, loving it far more than her sip cups. Caye loves to dance, spin, copy characters' movements on television. More and more of her actions and vocalizations are intentionally goofy and humourous - a few times I thought I was hearing Kitch making various sounds, then realizing it was tiny little Caye.

So, there's a quick glimpse of Caye at 17 months. I must do the same for the boys, too.

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Claudia said...

I keep meaning to do this kind of thing and i never do! What a lovely record. And that's a GORGEOUS picture!