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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Our First Pow-Wow

At a festival on the weekend, we stopped by a booth of aboriginal jewellery and accessories. The seller and crafter (wordlessly noting our lovely children) let us know about an aboriginal event happening today at the same location, in case we might like to attend.

We have not yet had time for much investigation regarding cultural events and activities, so were very thankful that she thought to inform us.

The kids and I headed downtown just before lunch, and Geoff was able to join us over his lunch hour to watch some of the pow-wow, and browse the vendors' booths. I now have business cards for a couple of jewellery-makers (including a couple who does beautiful silver work), and we picked up a very pretty turtle suncatcher with colours that will blend in beautifully with our decor.

The significance of aboriginal and First Nations culture currently holds little, if any, meaning for our kids, but Geoff and I are very much looking forward to exploring and participating more in activities that will help us learn and connect with the aboriginal community, and which will begin developing a sense of culture and history in our children. A woman at our church, whose partner is First Nations, was at today's festival with her son, who was one of the child dancers in the entry processional. Quite a few dances were "inter-tribal", and therefore open to anyone who wanted to participate. Maybe eventually I will summon the courage to join the circle!


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