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Friday, 4 June 2010

Pick Me!

One of the things I hadn't really thought about, having gone the route of international adoption, is the whole idea in domestic situations (including at least some public adoption scenarios), of the "Profile" - which it looks like we will need to be doing if we step further into this new territory.

I think it's much less stressful to let others write homestudies and reference letters, trusting they've done their best to paint a truthful, compelling picture of us, than to come up with something ourselves. So much pressure! Thinking that the photos and words we choose can directly impact someone's decision to consider us or not! Makes me feel a bit queasy. Even more queasy than the thought of social workers meeting my two, barking hounds at the door. "Really, they're friendly...look at all these pictures of them resting quietly and hanging out with people"

One thing I liked about sticking with the same international adoption program and process was that the uncomfortable stuff - meetings, visits, etc. - was all over. All except the outdated medical forms, which need to be re-done no matter what, which are on the agenda for next week. Guess 'tis the price to be paid for expanding opportunities.

Now, I'm off to sift through hundreds of photos for just the right ones (you know, enough variety to tell a story, but not an overwhelming amount), and come up with the right blend of sincere (but not sappy), enthusiastic (yet not alarmingly so), creative (but balanced...not misleading..."look at all those daily fun adventures!..."), engaging (but not pushy...just trying to be ourselves...but not boring either), comprehensive (but also concise...not my forte), inspired written content to go along with the pictures. But first, an energizing snack, and maybe a nap.


Lavonne said...

just jumping in here, don't know much about your story or your recent adoption decisions. we adopted a newborn from the US and also had to put together a profile -- i changed it mid-way. it's a very frustrating experience. if i ever had to do it again i would pay to have someone look over my profile and give suggestions. here is one person who does exactly this: http://profilesthatgetpicked.com/

when i initially came across this site i thought it was tacky. but after "the wait" and always wondering if it was the profile i have second thoughts about someone helping you put together the profile.

anyway, food for thought. all the best in your process:)

3 Blessings said...

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog party. It is nice to "meet" you. I hope it is okay, I added you to my adoption blog list on my site.
Many blessings on your journey.

Derrick, Alysia, and Levi said...

I know how you feel about trying to find the right pictures and try to figure out how to portray your family and your life in an honest and attractive way. I was a bit stressed about our profile. I wondered what might appeal to someone about it. But in the end the right person will pick the right family. I know that now. But it's hard in the process. Congrats on adding on to your adoption options!

Gwen said...

This made me laugh. Our ETH dossier has all kinds of misleading photos -- the only thing I didn't do was actually airbrush them. To look at our dossier photos, you'd think we go through life in slow-mo, with violins singing, while perpetually smiling and always in the sun. For some reason (?) I didn't put in any photos of us snarling about the stacks of laundry, grousing about another day of rain, or sitting like slugs on the couch, surrounded by empty chip bags.