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Friday, 28 May 2010


Sorry, this won't be very informative...in fact, it may simply be confusing (which kinda reflects our thought process, so fair enough).

Not much to say, but there may be a little hint of movement in our epic decision-making journey...

Had an interesting chat today.

Seems that as soon as we started challenging ourselves about our adoption plans to date, we became open to so many decisions, possibilities, avenues...and it all got very confusing. When considering one idea, we have then been faced with all the other potential, hypothetical consequences (good, bad, and neutral). Trying to play out various scenarios, and weigh various desires and interests, almost always takes us in circles. Sometimes it seems pointless (and certainly, over-thinking things is not helpful), but letting the mind linger here and there can, I think, help sort out what is MOST important and desirable, deep down.

Tricky though, since what is deepest and truest in our desires and motives often seems most intangible, revealed in fleeting sensations, or broad perspectives that just maybe tell us something about ourselves.


Ashleigh, Ben, Noah and Tait said...

I feel that if you and I were to sit down, we'd be the type of friends to chat for hours and feel that minutes had only passed.
Wish we lived closer...and could have those hours long talks...over a cup of Ethiopian Coffee.
Praying for you both and your decisions - whatever they might be...and looking forward to hearing what they are...or when they transpire :)

Ruth Branson said...

So agree with letting the mind linger for a while, to sort everything out and figure out what's really important and enduring. I don't know what's all going on for you guys, but it sounds like a process all right. We're going through one of our own, so I can imagine pretty well how intense it can be at times.

Many blessings in the process Joy.


elsie hiebert said...

Nothing like having your brain go in circles. We just finished our country switch and changed our age to 42 months. BUT at the rate things are going it could still take years.