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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Bullet the Blue Sky/Chocolate Brown

* HTML formatting issue warning - I hate that the fonts & sizes are all over the place, but apparently the blog is angry at me for copying this from Word, and it is after midnight so I cannot afford to care *

Ok – I’m playing along (kind of - I'm chicken in regard to tagging others, but hey, feel free to consider yourself tagged) – after finding, charging, and figuring out how to use the shuffle feature on my IPod (who knew the menu was longer that what shows on the screen – got to scroll on down). Anyway, what better way to spend the time when you still have over a third of a book to read for book club tomorrow and it's 11:45pm?

1. Put your I-pod, ITunes, Windows Media Player etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question press the Next button to get your answer.
3. You must write that song no matter how silly it sounds.
4. Tag at least 10 friends.
5. Have fun!

If someone says "are you okay?”

White Christmas (Bing)

I guess that would be code for "how could things get better than this?'" - I quite like it - might start using it.

How Would You Describe Yourself?

Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word (Ray Charles)

Ah, no comment. Sorry.

What do you like in a guy/girl?

O Come All Ye Faithful

True enough...except I don't need them all...that might be contradictory.

How do you feel today?


Hmm, probably pretty accurate - and also another possible term to employ from now on - instead of my usual non-commital "fine" or '''ok''' - would capture something a little more positive than '''so-so''' - yes, I think I like it.

What is your life's purpose?

The Very Thought of You (Billie Holiday)

Depending on how you interpret that, it could be really fitting.

What's your motto?

A Minor Variation (Billy Joel)

Ha ha. I always have prided myself on trying to be non-conformist. And minor keys are my favourite - just a touch of melancholy.

What do your friends think of you?

This Will be My Year (Semisonic)

Well, that is what people like to say. But I tend not to go for that unfounded kind of fairy-tale optimism. One day at a time, my friends (and I'm not being pessimistic - just realistic - so there).

What do your parents think of you?

The Thrill is Gone (BB King)

Oh, so sad. I didn't realize...after the "Joy''' of my birth things have apparently gone downhill.

What do you think about very often?

Thick (Tonic)

Huh. Have to reflect on this a bit. But I do feel "thick" when I start thinking about things I can't quite wrap my head around...and there are a few of those on the go (e.g., adoption situation)

What is 2 + 2?

Set it Off (Audioslave)

Uh oh. Is that like some kind of lift-off/release the hounds type formula?

What do you think of your best friend?

Il Est Ne Le Devin Enfant (Winnipeg Philharmonic Choir)

How very spiritual! (et j'aime le francais)

What is your life story?

O Come All Ye Faithful (Johnny Cash)

This is far too deep for midnight - more reflection required.

What do you want to be when you grown up?

Gus: The Polar Bear from Central Park (The Tragically Hip)

At first, I thought, IT IS TRUE! I totally want to be Gus, or a polar bear - because I love polar bears. But then again, with all the melting ice, maybe this isn't the best time. And I googled Gus quickly - seems the poor caged bear has had his struggles - although then I found a link stating he is doing much better. Polar bears have always been my favourite - I do have a whole Christmas tree full of them, after all. And being Gus, who overcomes his sadness and neuroses - well, that's not such a bad thing to be at all - a content, thriving individual who has moved beyond that which formerly squelched the ability to live to the fullest and experience well-being.


What do you think when you see the person you like?

Christmas Pics (Barenaked Ladies)

Yay, photos of people I like!

What will you dance to at your wedding?

Peer Gynt – Suite 1, Opus 46 by Edvard Greig

That would have been interesting, and unusual. If we had had a dance. Might have guessed something jazzy, but with a life motto like "a minor variation'' what else can you expect other than something off the beaten path?

What will they play at your funeral?

We Could Be So Good Together (The Doors)

Oh - this sounds kind of sad and wistful for a funeral - like a dream unfulfilled. Or maybe I am just trying to get others to join me???

What is your hobby/interest?

Wonderwall (Oasis)

Huh. If by that, it means "a little of this, that, and the other thing which cannot quite be summed up very succinctly", then sure.

What is your biggest fear?

No Eye Has Seen (Michael W. Smith)

My spine is tingling...

And on a completely unrelated note, did anyone else watch "Lost" tonight & see Smokey going wild. Ok, maybe not so unrelated. I was always a fan of the Smoke Monster...but watch out.

What is your biggest secret?

It Came Upon the Midnight Clear (Instrumental)

Oh, really?!! Seems even I don't know my biggest secret, but it must be a doozy if it happened in the dead of night.

What do you want right now?

Fight (PFR)

Another surprise. Note to self: Become much more self-aware. I'm sure there's something about which I feel that way.

What do you think of your friends?

Sleigh Ride Medley (Canadian Brass)

...lovely weather, for a sleigh ride together, with you :)

What will you post this as?

Bullet The Blue Sky (U2)/Chocolate Brown (The Cranberries)

So seriously...I had been thinking that it was unfortunate no Cranberries songs had come up. And the glimpse of Bullet made me think the game was over...but no lie...my IPod would not hold Bullet and jumped ahead, ALL ON ITS OWN, to Chocolate Brown. Went back and forth a few times, and same thing kept happening. So it's a tie.

All done.

But for the curious, the next few songs were:

O Little Town of Bethlehem (Elmer Isler Singers)

In The End (Linkin Park)

Winter Wonderland (Jewel)

Exotic Night (Martin Denny – a Christmas tune, just to clarify)

Two Thousand Years (Billy Joel)

And what a surprise that there were so many Christmas songs. Shocking ;)

Actually, two Billy Joel songs is kind of surprising.

And there is a glaring and sad lack of Sam Roberts, and others. Another time, perhaps.

I really need to finish this book club reading. G'night.


Hi... said...

Oh that's funny, Joy - I especially like the first "oh come all ye faithful."

I was also tagged to do this game, but can't find my ipod charger...need to get that thing going again.

I laughed when I read that you have so much of your book club book to read yet before your meeting tomorrow night...I have SO been there, done that, so many times!

Fun post all round!


Erin @ Sky Blue Pink Roses said...

This post was very funny! I loved your commentary. I may just have to try this myself.