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Saturday, 11 April 2009

Remembering Gatsby

Today (April 11) marks the first anniversary of my lovely boy's death after two short weeks of illness last spring. I love this photo that captures his quiet nature - this won a 2nd place ribbon in a local fall fair a couple of years ago - thanks Gatsby! Our new foxhound girl really reminds me of Gatsby in some ways, with her lanky, muscular build and white fur with ticking...not to mention the soulful eyes. I could never replace my sweet boy, but it is a kind reminder to see pieces of him in other dogs.

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Cheryl said...

Such a sweet picture. I'm blog stalking this morning and came upon your blog - always looking for others adopting from Ghana. I'm Cheryl and we are adopting three kids from Ghana - ages 11, 3, and almost 1. We will be finally bringing them home next month! Just wanted to say hello and you will be in my prayers! Come on referral!